My MLB Awards: AL Cy Young

Call me undefeated.  Although I didn’t give my NL Manager of the Year to Lou Piniella, I saw what was coming and I predicted it would be Sweet Lou.

AL Cy Young: Cliff Lee, Cleveland Indians. I fully expect to continue my streak this off-season and see Lee take the Cy Young in the AL.  My heart says that Mike Mussina should get it after bouncing back from an 11-15 5.15 ERA 2007 campaign with a 20-9 season and a 3.37 ERA.  While I would hope the Moose would get some recognition by the Cy Young voters for his tremendous season, I realize that the baseball world may not bleed blue and white pinstripes like me, so my gut is that Cliff Lee will take the hardware – and well deserved.  Lee went 22-3 on a pretty bad Indian team with a 2.54 ERA and a WHIP barely over 1.00 (1.10).  It’s interesting, looking at Lee’s stats, to compare his walks in 2007 to his walks in 2008.  In ’07 he walked 36 in 97.1 and in ’08 he walked only 34 in 223.1 innings pitched.  I think for that alone he deserves the awards.  Like Mussina, Lee’s 2007 was abysmal, but at least the Moose got sent to the bullpen, not the minors (like Lee).  Congratulations to Cliff Lee on a great year and a well deserved Cy Young.


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