Pitching Wins Championships: I’ve Got the Rays

Let’s be honest here.  The Red Sox lost, so I really don’t care who wins the World Series, but not because I’m a jerk.  I’ll be happy for either team. One of my former colleagues is a big Phillies fan, so I’d love to see them win for him.  They last won in 1980, so a W here wouldn’t hurt.  I also really like the Rays’ worst-to-first story and I like Joe Maddon.

So then, I know that Fox predicts that no one is going to watch this, so allow me to just tell you what’s going to happen in the World Series.  First off, ignore the fact that I picked both LCS series incorrect.

I love the Tampa starting pitching and I think it is much deeper than the Phillie rotation.  Pitching wins championships – Rays in six.  The best part about the Tampa rotation is that if someone falters early in a game, they have Edwin Jackson and David Price sitting in the bullpen waiting to come in.  I’d take either of those guys (Jackson moreso than Price) over Jamie Moyer any day.  In addition, I think Joe Blanton is hit or miss.  As for the bats, I’ll give the Phils’ 1-6 hitters an A+ and they’re better than the Rays there.  Tampa, on the other hand, has a better lineup 1-9, but not by much.  I like the way they manufacture runs and go first to third.  The Phillies run better than anyone in the league and I think the benches are pretty even.

With the Phillies having so much time off, I’ll say their bats have cooled a bit, not to mention that Ryan Howard only has driven in two runs so far in the postseason.  With the huge win against Boston I give the Rays the momentum edge, for what it’s worth.  Phillies take the edge in terms of crowd, by a landslide.  Half the people in Tampa couldn’t name their opening day lineup and didn’t start going to games until the playoffs.


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