Is Baseball Still Being Played?

Huh… so I turned the tv on last night and caught the end of a baseball game, but since the Yanks were done, I thought baseball season was over.

Ok to tell you the truth I have kept up with the MLB Playoffs, even though both my World Series picks, the Cubs and the Angels have been eliminated.  In fact only one team that I picked to win, the Phillies, is still alive.  At least this year, as opposed to last, had me making one correct pick.

So with my terrible picking ability, here are my LCS picks for this year.

Phillies vs. Dodgers – I will be rooting for the Dodgers and Joe Torre and, quite frankly, I think they will take the NLCS in six games or less.  While I like Cole Hamels and Joe Blanton, there is something about the team chemistry in LA that reminds me of the 1996 Yankees, with the team coming before self.  LA does have the one superstar in Manny Ramirez, but the team just so much well TOGETHER.  Even clubhouse cancer Jeff Kent has kept his mouth shut.

Red Sox vs. Rays – As a Yankee fan, I’m going to surprise you and pick the Red Sox in six.  Tampa has some good young pitching, but I think guys like Aki Iwamura and even Evan Longoria have overperformed and their lack of team experience will hurt if they don’t go up early in the series.  If they take a 2-0 lead, however, I think Tampa can win the series.  The back of the bullpen for Tampa is iffy also and with Troy Percival out, I can’t say that the game is over after a certain amount of innings like I can with Boston.

So I hope I’m right on the NL side and well… I hate the Red Sox.


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