Michael Kay is an Idiot, Part I

This is the first post in what I expect to be a multi-part series on the ESPN radio host and YES Network Play-by-Play broadcaster Michael Kay.

Over the past several years Michael Kay has been a mainstay in my summers from listening to him broadcast with John Sterling to him calling Yankee games on YES to ESPN radio.  I’ll spare myself the long introduction (click his name above for his YES bio) and just say that, quite frankly, especially on his ESPN radio show, Michael Kay is an idiot.

Allow me, now, to vent my frustration of the day with Michael Kay.  On ESPN radio today, Kay said two dumb things.  He got into talking about the World Series and a potential Red Sox vs. Mets World Series, one of the worst things the baseball Gods could come up with.  Kay, in his infinite wisdom, suggested that Yankee fans (should they be put in this unfortunate situation) root for the Red Sox.

Read that last sentence again.

The Red Sox?  The RED SOX?!?!?! You have to be kidding me.  Upon hearing this, I was irate.  Kay’s explanation was that the Yanks should root for the Sox because the Sox are the American League team and you should root for your brethern (more or less).  There is nothing more sacrilege in the Yankee Universe than rooting for the Red Sox.  True Yankee fans despise the Red Sox, a lot more so than the Mets.  Yankee fans recognize that the Mets are pretty much the bastard little brother that lives in the room next door that really doesn’t matter.  What matters, is hating the Red Sox.  Aside from loving the Yankees, hating the Red Sox is the most important part of being a Yankee fan and I guess Michael Kay, a longtime follower of the Yankes, just doesn’t get it.

The other thing Kay said today on his radio show that annoyed me was that he wasn’t “a big Joe Torre fan.”  What?! Are you serious?  I wasn’t listening to his stupid show during the Torre years, but when he was winning championships, Michael Kay was probably drooling over him.  Once the man stopped winning titles and left town (in a shameful move by the Yankees), Kay bashes him and says he was never a “big Joe Torre fan.”  That’s preposterous.  Wait until Torre takes the Dodgers to the playoffs, Michael, and you’re sitting at home on the coach rooting for the Red Sox.

I’m guessing that, given these two comments, Michael Kay really doesn’t know New Yorkers or Yankee fans.


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