Yankee Quick Hits

A lot is going on in the Yankee Universe these days, with various people running their mouths, milestones approaching, and the Stadium about to close.  Here are some quick notes from all that has been happening recently.

  • Jorge Posada says that Joba Chamberlain shouldn’t be a starting pitcher.  That’s nice, but I guess it’s ok for Posada to complain about being a first baseman sometimes because he doesn’t want to be there, but what if Joba wants to start and doesn’t want to be in the ‘pen?  Way to be a hypocrite, Jorge.  Not to mention, the Yanks don’t pay you to dictate what players’ roles are.  They pay you to catch.
  • With a Yankee win tonight in the second to last game I will ever make it to at Yankee Stadium, I improved to 4-9 on the season, and Derek Jeter went 0-4 in his quest to break Lou Gehrig‘s record for hits in the Stadium.  That sucks that I didn’t get to see it.  I really would have liked to, so if Jeter can manage to be hitless tomorrow and Wednesday, I have a chance on Thursday.  The funny thing with that record is that they played in different ballparks.  Gehrig played in the Stadium in the 20s and Jeter plays in the remodelled one.  They pretty much gutted the Stadium in the 70s and the field dimensions aren’t entirely the same.  Jeter also had more games per season and more rounds in the postseason, but I won’t complain too much given that you can say the same thing about Roger Maris breaking Babe Ruth‘s record for single season home runs.
  • Although I didn’t get to see Jeter’s milestone tonight, I got to see Mariano Rivera tally his 479th career save to pass Lee Smith for sole possession of second on the all-time saves list.  That was pretty cool.  I’m glad I got to see one of those milestones.
  • Robinson Cano was removed from the game yesterday and did not start tonight’s opener against the ChiSox for a lack of effort in the field yesterday on a ground ball.  It’s about time.  That move should have been made months ago.  Cano made a nice play in the field in the top of the ninth after coming in to pinch run in the bottom of the eighth.  He ran hard, barehanded a ground ball and made a nice, off-balanced throw to first.  That’s one play though, let’s see this kind of hustle all 162 games a year.  He shouldn’t need to be pulled from a game in order to play the game the way it should be played.   With his nice play in the field tonight, he at least spared himself a post in this space on why the Yankees should trade him.
  • Took my Dad with me tonight for his final appearance at Yankee Stadium.  He started going in the 50s and has seen both the old Yankee Stadium before the rennovations, and this one.  Nice little sentimental moment for the last time we would go there together.  I remember being in fifth grade and he pulled me out of school to go to an opening day, just me and him, it was great and what baseball is all about.

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