Down Goes Brady!

I don’t wish pain and suffering on anyone, but part of me is happy that the Patriots are going to be forced to turn to Matt Cassel for the foreseeable future as Tom Brady’s knee injury sustained today looks serious. I like challenging a powerhouse and Brady’s injury will certainly call into question the roster moves that the Patriots have made (or not made) by not keeping a stronger backup.

I know absolutely nothing about Matt Cassel, but what I do know is that for a team that went 18-1 last season, courtesy of my New York Football Giants, he’s a serious downgrade compared to our reigning NFL MVP.  If Brady is, in fact, out for the season, I wouldn’t be surprised to see them look into a couple options.

  • Daunte Culpepper just retired, but might be worth a look.
  • Chris Simms still plays football, doesn’t he?
  • Rex Grossman might be an interesting possibility if the Bears are sold on Kyle Orton as their “for now” answer at quarterback and are content with (insert third string QB’s name here) as a backup.
  • David Carr might be available if Big Blue removes him from the third spot in their depth chart.
  • Brady Quinn might be a name brought up, especially after Derek Anderson was given an extension this off-season.
  • Brian Griese doesn’t play in Tampa or even the fragile Trent Green could be brought in for a look if the Pats want a veteran.

I guess it’s just too bad that Mike Vick is locked up for the next year or so, huh?  Although I hate Brett Favre talk, do you think he read the news story and thought to himself, “what if I had waited for a couple weeks instead of begging out of Green Bay so quickly?” If I were him, I would be thinking that…


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