Scorekeeping Gives Sabathia One-Hitter

One of my favorite things to do at a baseball game is to keep score.  I actually own my own personal copy of Bob Carpenter’s scorebook and I’ve kept score at many games throughout my baseball fandom.

Now, keeping score at a baseball game is getting some attention.

Apparently, and I didn’t see the game, CC Sabathia was throwing a no-hitter and in the top of the fifth, the Pirate hitter, knocked a dribbler back to the mound, which Sabathia went to barehand, and bobbled the ball resulting in the Pirate hitter reaching first base safely.  The official scorer ruled the play as a base hit, and not an error on Sabathia.

For those of you new to score-keeping, MLB employs one individual at each ballpark to serve as “Official scorer.”  This individual arbitrarily makes a ruling on whether a play is a hit or an error, a wild pitch or a passed ball, and keeps track of RBIs, earned and unearned runs.  It is this person’s responsibility to keep official record of all statistics MLB generates.  Some fans, and we are dwindling in population, actually keep score at games in their own books.

Getting back to the Sabathia case, since the play was ruled a hit and was the only hit of the game, the Brewers are appealing to MLB to have the ruling overturned and an error given to Sabathia, rather than a hit to the Pirate batter.  Such an overturning would give Sabathia a no-hitter.

I watched the clip on the small screen on and it was certainly a playable ball for Sabathia.  Had he fielded the ball cleanly, Sabathia would have likely thrown out the batter.

While I’m no expert in my analysis, I’m not quite sure MLB should overturn the scorer’s ruling even if he was wrong.  I think it would set a bad precedent to overturn the official scorer, though I can understand why the Brewers would like the call overturned.  I feel like if MLB got involved in micro-managing hits and errors, what’s next?  Passed balls and wild pitches?  These are such minute details, they should be left to team personnel and not overruled by MLB.  The scorekeeper has access to replays and confidently made a decision.  It should be left at that.


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