A Trip to the Lion’s Den

Last Sunday, I had the opportunity to take a trip to Boston for some sight-seeing.  While I was there, I really wanted to go to Fenway Park – even as a Yankee fan – because the stadium is such a landmark in baseball history… or is it?

I took the Fenway tour and came up slightly disappointed.  The tour guide had more negative things to say about the Yankees and Yankee fans than she said about the Red Sox heritage.  Now, as a Yankee fan, I appreciate the fact that between 1920-2003, there was just about nothing noteworthy in Red Sox history with the exception of Carl Yastrzemski and Ted Williams, but come on tell me something about Red Sox history.

In reality, all I heard about that pertained to the Red Sox was the addition of ballpark seating by the new John Henry-led ownership, the red seat that marked Ted Williams’ 500th home run, Carlton Fisk‘s home run where he waved and “willed” the ball fair over the green monster and what it’s like to work inside the monster.

We were taken to nearly every section of seating in the stadium and to the press box, but there was no trip to the dugout, clubhouse, or field, which I found disappointing.  Some of the seating sections were cool.  The section behind home plat, for instance, had the oldest ballpark seats in the league (at leas the A.L.), and were 86 years old and really needed a bad paint job. We were unable to go on top of the green monster due to the cleanup of the stage from a Neil Diamond concert the night before, but that is understandable.

Aside from seeing the various seating sections of the ballpark, I found the tour slightly unfulfilling.  The tidbits our tour guide gave us about working inside the monster were interesting, but in terms of the rest of the tour, I felt like I was in World War II Germany, listening to negative propaganda about the Allies.


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