Oh No Osi!

Bad news for the New York Football Giants.

The reigning Super Bowl champions lost Osi Umenyiora for the whole 2008 season after an injury suffered in Saturday’s game against the Jets.  Umenyiora tore his meniscus in that game and his injury deals a severe blow to a Giant defense that, to me, was one of the best in the NFC.

Last year, Umeyiora played a huge role in the Giants’ Super Bowl victory and accounted for 13.0 sacks and the team’s only Pro Bowl selection.  Since 2003, he has 41.5 sacks and is quick up front, a key component of the Giants’ pass rush.  I have no idea what they’ll do now.  One piece of speculation is that Big Blue will try to coax Michael Strahan out of retirement for one more season.  This seems to fit in perfectly with Strahan’s whole “I hate training camp” mentality, but I’m not sure if he’s the answer.

While I certainly want the Giants to try to repeat as Super Bowl champions, I realize this is nearly impossible and, to be honest, I wouldn’t be upset if they don’t win the Super Bowl for another five years.  They have a free pass from me for the time being.  I feel bad for Osi, though.  He is definitely one of my favorites and it’s unfortunate I won’t get to see him play this year, but here’s to hoping that the Giants can do something to tr to fill his big shoes.  Without him or Strahan, two of their top defensive players from the Super Bowl run, there are two HUGE holes on the defensive line.


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