Usain is Insane

I have absolutely no idea who Usain Bolt is, but he is very impressive and a great showman… not to mention  he’s one of the quickest people I have ever watched.  I’ve drifted away from watching the Olympics recently, as gymnastics and swimming have been over, but I have unintentionally put on the Games when Bolt was racing in the 100m and 200m sprints, both gold medals, both new world records.

I think his performance, while overshadowed by Phelps, may be equally impressive.  In the 100m, he got so far ahead, he started celebrating early on and cruised to victory over the last 15 meters.  He set a new world record, but if he had kept running, it would have even been lower.  Before his race in the 200, he was posing and just looking cocky.  I loved it.  He looked like he was having a great time.  His arrogance was playful and reminded me of Cincinnati Bengals Wide Receiver Chad Johnson, who taunts just about everyone, is over-the-top, but has a good time and is funny.  So Bolt was acting much in the same way before the race, but when he took his mark, he crossed himself and put his game face on.

On the gun fire, the guy sprinted forward – the entire way – and broke Michael Johnson’s previous world record (dubbed insurmountable by the color commentator) of 19.32 with a new record of 19.30 seconds.  Wow.  The color guy said he never thought he would see anyone beat Johnson’s record in his entire life and Bolt took care of business.  After the race, he looked into the nearest camera, got up close to it and said he was number one.   After the race, NBC’s reporter spoke to him and mentioned the posing before the race to him and asked if he thought he would break the record.  Bolt said he did not think he would break the record and is just there to have fun.

I love it.


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