Riding in on his White Horse

Mighty Mouse used the phrase “Here I come to save the day…” when… well, he was doing just that.  About two months ago, Michael Kay, the man, the myth, the talkative, announced that it was his belief that a certain pitcher who signed a four-year $40 million dollar contract four years ago would return to the Yanks in late August and pitch the Bombers into the postseason, having a lot to prove, given the fact he has only pitched 19 games since signing that contract.

Now, ladies and gentlemen, Kay’s foresight is about to come true as the Yankees are poised to start Carl Pavano Saturday in Baltimore.

I’m worried.  Here the Yanks are, struggling to maintain competitiveness in the AL East as the Rays and the Red Sox are surging ahead (remember, I pronounced the Yanks dead in this space in a recent post) and Carl Pavano is going to have to play a significant role if they hang in the race.  If there is one person I can’t count on in that rotation – and there are more – but if I had to pick one, it’s Pavano.  His own teammates even called out his desire to actually play the game and the authenticity of his injuries.  He certainly has a lot to prove as this year winds down, but since the Yanks are unlikely to pick up his option and he will be a free agent at the end of the year, I hope he goes out and mows down hitters – but I won’t count on it.


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