Why Does Johnny Damon Own a Glove?

So the Yanks opened a three game set north of the border Today against the Canadian national team, the Toronto Blue Jays and lost 2-1, but it’s how they lost that is the most frustrating part.

Early in the game, Alex Rios hit a bomb to deep left-centerfield and Johnny Damon was able to track it down for what looked like an easy out.  However, Damon put his glove up in the air to make the grab, but the ball hit the top of his glove and fell to the field for an easy E8.  Darrell Rasner, who pitched brilliantly going 6.2 innings of one run baseball (solo HR), with three hits, one walk, and three strikeouts, was able to get out of the jam, so Damon is off the hook.

Put him back on the hook in the bottom of the eighth when Marco Scutaro hit a shot to straight-away centerfield with a runner on first.  Damon went back to the track, to the wall and the ball – yet again – found some way to hit the his glove and fall to the ground, this time allowing the would-be winning run to score.

I was a big fan of the Yankees’ decision to demote Melky Cabrera and his .240 batting average, but Damon is no centerfielder.  He has lost 3-4 strides from his peak speed, has no arm, and just lacks good judgment in the field.  Get him out of there.  He’s nothing more than a DH that can play an occasional decent (and I use that term lightly) leftfield from time to time.

Edit: This is why Rasner is such a classy guy – a player that is easy to like and root for.  Asked about Damon dropping a second ball during a postgame interview, Rasner said that everyone makes mistakes and he still considers Damon one of the best centerfielders in the game (which, of course, is a lie).

Here’s one more bone to pick.  Alex Rodriguez led off the top of the ninth with a little “excuse me” bloop that went over the head of Toronto’s first baseman Lyle Overbay‘s head and dunked in for a hit.  Now A-Rod, who does like to hustle on ground balls to the infield, did not run hard to first whatsoever and instead turned on the jets only after making a wide turn towards second and is thrown out by five feet by Overbay for the first out of the ninth.  Michael Kay, the genious play-by-play broadcaster on YES, applauds Overbay for his great play and says absolutely NOTHING about A-Rod not running hard to first.  Nancy Newman, on the YES postgame, commends the great play by Overbay but says NOTHING about A-Rod not running hard to first.  I’ll tell you right now that if A-Rod runs hard down the line, he gets to second base with a slide in ahead of the throw.


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