Sabathia a Bomber? I Hope Not

Last night, the Brewers’ recent reincarnation of Cy Young, CC Sabathia, tossed his fifth complete game in nine started with the Brew Crew to earn his eighth victory of the season.  A free agent at the end of the season, the Indians dealt Sabathia to the Brewers knowing there was no way they would re-sign him for the money he would command.  By trading him to the Brewers, the Indians were able to secure a solid group of young players led by Matt LaPorta rather than the two “sandwich picks” they would have gotten if Sabathia had walked.

With a second half of the season like he is having, Sabathia will likely command top dollar in a free agent deal, not to mention the security of a multi-year deal something in the vicinity of the ludicrous deals Barry Zito and Johan Santana got.  My Yankees will be losing somewhere in the neighborhood of $75 million dollars off the team’s payroll next season as the likes of Carl Pavano, Jason Giambi, et al walk, I hope.  As with any free agent likely to command top dollar, the Yanks will be a popular pick to land Sabathia.  Here are my concerns:

  • Weight.  Sabathia is listed at a generous 290 pounds, but my guess is that he is over 300.  Even at a slim 290, my concern is for Sabathia’s longevity.  How long can he last at this weight while staying healthy?
  • Age.  This one might surprise you, but I don’t think the Yanks need to be signing a 28 year old pitcher to a four, five, or six year deal.  A four year deal might be tolerable because he’d be 32 at the end of it, but any longer and I say “no dice.”
  • Demeanor.  He wears his pants and jersey baggy (does he really have a choice?) and after last night’s complete game, he immediately untucked his jersey.  He wears his hat sideways and his a beard.  Now, Giambi proved that everyone has a price and even the “un-tame-able” can be tamed, but that’s not the kind of person who fits in the Yankee Image.
  • Young Yanks.  The Bronx Bombers have promising young pitchers such as Phil Hughes, Joba Chamberlain, Ian Kennedy (I include him reluctantly), Alan Horne, and even Jeffrey Marquez.  Along with Chien-Ming Wang and maybe another year or two of Andy Pettitte and/or Mike Mussina, do the Yanks really need Sabathia?  Personally, I’d rather seem them build from within.

Pitchers are a delicate and more than integral part of any team, but I’m not sold on the fact that the Yanks need to build their pitching staff on free agents, let alone Sabathia.  I also am a big fan of Brian Cashman, but I’m not sold on his eye for pitchers: Pavano, Jaret Wright, LaTroy Hawkins, and Kyle Farnsworth among others.


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