What’s up with the Gymnastics Judges?

Ok, there’s something wrong here.

This evening or morning or whatever it was (I saw it this evening on NBC), I was watching women’s gymnastics and saw the second terrible scoring by the judges this week.  American Alicia Sacramone completed her vault routine, which looked pretty good to my untrained eye and earned a respectable score.  Then, China’s Cheng Fei does her vault and doesn’t land it – she fell to her knees – and she STILL scored better than Sacramone, edging the American out for the Bronze Medal.  Wait a minute.  How the hell does a girl who falls on her routine still beat someone who executes their landing?  I get the whole difficulty of the routine thing, but that just makes zero sense to me.  The degree of difficulty wasn’t that different either.  From what I can gather from the results on China’s Olympics website, Fei started with a 6.5 and Sacramone a 6.3.  As for execution scores, Fei scored a 9.575 and Sacramone a 9.450.  Wow.  I don’t know too much about gymnastics but that does not seem fair at all.

Now, in the Women’s Individual All-Around, the judging didn’t look too fair either as China’s Jiang Yuyuan had AT LEAST 4-5 balance checks on the beam and If I remember correctly she fell on her vault routine and still managed to hang in there with the leaders until about the third routine, when Americans Nastia Liukin and Shawn Johnson set the medal pace.  Yuyuan earned a 14.825 whereas Liukin scored a 15.025 which is in no way indicative of the difference of their performances – Liukin, the eventual gold medalist, was much better.

So cast aside the All-Around if you will because the individuals who deserved medals earned them, but I’m not sure if I can say the same for the women’s vault.  It seems to me that Sacramone was robbed.  Not knowing much about that sport, if there are any thoughts from people with knowledge of the sport, submit them in the comments section.


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    Oh by the way, the judges are judges for a reason–the same reason why we aren’t.

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