Trade Deadline Winners and Losers

Dating back to July 7th when CC Sabathia was dealt to the Brewers, a lot of big names moved at this year’s deadline.  Sabathia, Ken Griffey Jr was traded to the White Sox, Manny to the Dodgers, Mark Teixeira to the Angels, Pudge Rodriguez to the Yanks, etc.  Here’s a look at my winners and losers from this year’s trade deadline:


Angels – They were already the favorite to come out of the AL, but Teixeira put them in a great position to compete for their second World Championship since in the 2000s, a feat that only the Red Sox have been able to attain.  Sure he’s going to wind up being a two month rental, but he’s a switch hitter that hits for power and he’s an upgrade over Casey Kotchman, who went to Atlanta in the deal.

Brewers – I was worried about them when they struggled earlier in the season but the acquisition of Sabathia and the addition of Ray Durham will push this team to it’s first postseason appearance since the first term of the Reagan administration, they’ll have to win the Wild Card to do it, though, as the Cubs showed they’re the class of the NL Central, sweeping a four game series against the Brewers in Milwaukee.

Yankees – Although I was sad to see Ross Ohlendorf go, the additions of Xavier Nady (who has started to hit, by the way) and Damaso Marte help the Bronx Bombers, who gave up little to acquire the former Pirates.  Sure, Jose Tabata was a prospect with a lot of upside, but his attitude problems sealed his ticket out of the Bronx (or Trenton, rather).  He reminds me a lot of Brien TaylorJeff Karstens was expendable and was never going to find a home in the rotation.  Pudge, while way past his prime, is an upgrade over Name that Molina behind the plate and will learn the pitchers and be fine.  The tiny trade of Alberto Gonzalez to Washington means that the Yanks have no pieces remaining from the trade of Randy Johnson back to Arizona (see also: Ohlendorf, Luis Vizcaino), but let’s be realistic – he wasn’t playing in New York anyway.  The most significant move the Yankees benefit from is not a trade they made, but a trade the Red Sox made, sending Manny Ramirez out of the AL East.  In the last three years, Manny was hitting .407 with 17 home runs and 46 RBI against the Yanks.  Good riddance.

Pirates – They finally unloaded Jason Bay, who was on the move for the last three years, along with Nady and Marte and returned eight solid prospects, including five pitchers.  More importantly, the Pirates demonstrated a change in organizational policy.  In the past, they have been reluctant to trade their only “name players,” but as a small market team, this is what they need to do in order to build a competitive team.  Nearly all the players they acquired by dealing Bay, Marte, and Nady will help do just that.

Dodgers – Joe Torre‘s crew adds Manny – without paying him a dime and Casey Blake to make a run in the very winnable NL West.  Since the Diamondbacks did absolutely nothing at the deadline, these new bats should help a previously anemic LA offense and if Manny is motivated (and Joe Torre can motivate ANYONE), he can carry the Dodgers to the NL West crown by himself.  I look forward to the Brandon Webb/Dan Haren battles against Manny.


Red Sox –They traded Manny, are paying all of his 2008 salary and added Jason Bay.  Ok, I’ll admit that Bay is good, but as a Yankee fan the relief I get from not having Manny in the AL East surpasses any feelings I have for Bay.  He just isn’t the same threat in the Boston lineup that Manny was.  You can’t replace that easily.  Look for David Ortiz to be walked a bit more often and for Boston to slowly fall out of contention in the AL East.

Mets – Could have used a corner outfielder with Moises Alou and Ryan Church both listed as question marks due to injury.  Not too confident in that bullpen either.

Tigers – They add Kyle Farnsworth to a shaky bullpen and trade their starting catcher, who will be replaced by Brandon Inge… a utility player.  Pudge certainly had to go and was unhappy in Detroit, but maybe a Gregg Zaun would be a better alternative to Pudge.

Diamondbacks – They basically sat still while the Dodgers added a couple of bats.  They’re offense has been abysmal and I’m not quite sure the addition of Tony Clark lands them the divison.  Nice pickup in Jon Rauch, however.


Cubs – Let’s see if Rich Harden stays healthy… if he does, he’s a great pitcher.

A’s – Billy Beane dealt Joe Blanton, Chad Gaudin, and Harden and got seven prospects in return… typical Beane.  Wonder if any of those guys will see any time in the majors in the next year or two…

White Sox – They added Ken Griffey Jr. who will… play where?  Paul Konerko or Nick Swisher will have to sit if you’re going to get Junior at bats and not to mention he’s hitting .245.


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