Trade Deadline Quick Hits

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!  I LOVE the MLB trade deadline.  Ever since I was on vacation in Rhode Island as a kid and I saw a copy of USA Today with the headline that Cecil Fielder has been traded to the Yankees, I have always enjoyed July 31st and the week leading upto it.  So then… rather than posting about my trip to Citizens Bank Park last Sunday, I will sporadically comment about impending or possible trades (in typical “professional” trade blog format with random times).

4:33 PM – Spoke too soon: Manny to West Coast

Wow!  It looks like the Dodgers pulled off a trade for Manny Ramirez right before the deadline.’s Jon Heyman reports that Pittsburgh sends Jason Bay to Boston and four minor leaguers get sent to Pittsburgh as part of the deal.   Good deal for L.A., who adds a much needed big bat in the middle of their lineup.  My man Joe Torre should enjoy Manny being in his lineup and if any manager can passify Manny’s ego, it’s Torre.  What a downgrade for Boston, though, losing Manny’s bat behind David Ortiz.  I know if I’m Yankee pitching right now, I don’t fear Jason Bay as I do Manny Ramirez.  Manny absolutely owns the Yankees and it will be nice to have him out of the AL East and the American League.   I wonder what the Pirates get in return for Bay… as of now the minor leaguers’ names haven’t been released.  So with this trade, LA should make a serious run in the NL West and I wouldn’t be surprised if Boston is seriously impacted by losing Manny.

3:47 PM – Manny Not Getting Moved?

I know I’m still 13 minutes away from the deadline, but it looks as if Manny Ramirez isn’t getting moved before the 4 pm deadline.  Personally, I despise Manny, but it would have made me happy if the BoSox were able to trade him since it would make them a lot worse.  Ramirez is a great hitter and makes any team better, despite his “defense” and attitude.  I would have liked my Yanks’ chances a lot more in the AL East if the Sox had traded Manny, but there’s still a few minutes, right?

12:42 PM – Griffey Dealt to White Sox

Hmmm…. still puzzled over why the Sox would make this deal, but Ken Griffey, Jr. agreed to be traded to the Chicago White Sox in exchange for a minor league infielder and pitcher.  I have no idea about the caliber of the prospects, but what does Junior have left?  I mean he’s hitting .245 but has 15 home runs and an obn-base of .355.  Of his 88 hits this season, 36 are for extra bases.  If you put him in the outfield, he’s a liability and can’t cover much ground and the Sox already have Jim Thome as a solid left bat in the DH slot.  If you put Paul Konerko on the bench and Griff in the outfield, that means Nick Swisher goes has to play first.  I’d rather have Swisher in center and Griffey coming off the bench, but will Junior settle for such a limited role?  Time will tell, but it will be interesting to see how the White Sox use Griffey.

9:44 AM – Yanks Acquire Pudge

At first I questioned my Yankees’ trade of Kyle Farnsworth for Pudge Rodriguez.  My skepticism is particularly odd because I can’t stand Kyle Farnsworth.  He hasn’t pitched well with the Yanks until this year (surprise! his contract is up at the end of the season) and the Bronx Bombers already had a decent catcher, with Name that Molina (Jose) throwing out over 40% of runners.   Who would pitch the 8th inning?  Not that I was comfortable with Farnsworth in there, but he did ok in that role.  I calmed down when I realized that Edwar Ramirez and Jose Veras were still around and that Brian Bruney – who was pitching very well until his April injury – is healthy again and back in Scranton.  So with this revelation, I like the trade.  Pudge is an upgrade over Molina and I’d happily call Bruney into a tough situation in a close game (providing his control problems have subsided).


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