Thoughts on the Shockey Trade

Ah yes, the first non-baseball thoughts in the history of Backwards K.  Don’t get too excited, this won’t be too profound…

I’m a Giants fan and I actually own a Jeremy Shockey jersey from when the Modells I worked at got their first shipment of the jersey after he was drafted.   Ever since I bought that jersey, I wore it a lot to showcase how proud I was of the Giants for making such a great draft pick.  I loved the way he would just drop his shoulder and bowl over defenders.  Watch his first Giants preseason game for an example.

But then he made some controversial comments towards Bill Parcells.  Since then he hasn’t shut up and hasn’t stopped complaining.  He whined about not getting the ball enough and how he was used in the offense, among other things.  My Shockey jersey has stayed in the closet recently as my respect for him slowly declined.

As for my evaluation of Big Blue’s trade?  The Giants are not a better team without Jeremy Shockey.  I can’t think of another guy on that team I’d get the ball to in a third and eight situation late  in the game.  He was tough, he played with a lot of passion on the field and was a tough guy to tackle. Ultimately, though, the game is about the team and not about the individual and Shockey’s ego got too big for the locker room.

I’ll miss Shockey on the field, but he was obnoxious off the field and I won’t miss that.  The trade is great for the locker room and team chemistry, but the football team will miss him.


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